A story of fate...

on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Once upon a time on a sweet december morning, in the beautiful town of Ratlam a boy left his house to buy some groceries. At they same time time in some other part of town a girl left her apartment to post a letter.
The boy headed east, the girl headed west. They crossed each other on a busy street.

When they were 50 feets apart boy saw the girl.

The boy thought "Wish I could talk to her. Half an hour would be plenty: just ask her about herself, tell her about myself, and - what I'd really like to do ".

And when they got close to each other, they stopped...and deciding to start talking. It was a totally natural and spontaneous thing and it wasn't something that these people usually do. It just happened.

And these people just connected with each other on every word and at every level. It was as if, they had already known each other for so long, even though they had only known each other a matter of minutes...but it soon came a couple hours. And the incredible connection these two made was so strong it was as if there was a glowing light between these two people. They were 100% perfect for each other. So it was then that they decided that their meeting must be FATE, they thought people just don't meet "The One" this way, it wasn't magical or like they showed in movies, yes it was fate.

To test this out, the two went on their separate ways...and decided that if they would meet again, they would KNOW for sure that it was their DESTINY to be together. So they departed. They went on their separate ways.

Years passed by, they met 70%-85% perfect people but never a 100% perfect.

One beautiful April morning, in search of a cup of coffee to start the day, the boy was walking from west to east, while the girl, intending to send a special-delivery letter, was walking from east to west, but along the same narrow street in the town of Ratlam They passed each other in the very center of the street. The faintest gleam of their lost memories glimmered for the briefest moment in their hearts. Each felt a rumbling in their chest. And they knew:

She is the 100% perfect girl for me.

He is the 100% perfect boy for me.

But the glow of their memories was far too weak, and their thoughts no longer had the clarity of fouteen years earlier. Without a word, they passed each other, disappearing into the crowd. Forever. And they never saw each other again!

What I think :
It's not a sad story. It just tell you that fate gives you amazing opportunities and you have to take advantage of that. Once fate gives you something you can't just push it and assume you'll get it again. It's like winning the lottery and ripping the ticket, thinking that if it's in your fate, you'll get it again.


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