A 'Chatur' inside us...

on Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Chatur' can not die in din of three idiots. I am talking about Chatur Ramamlingam played by Omi Vaidya. And i am sure most of us identify with him. A satire on the Indian education sysem, Chatur exemplifies the rote learning education paradigm. The 'idiots' errr... 'heroes' learn the hard way to break away from shackles of unchanging curriculamassumptions outlined in educational scriptures. Kudos to the idiots with which we all identified as explained by the 340 crore business it fetched in just 3 days.
Each one of 'idiot' in movie is unique. Aamir is the child prodigy. Serving a different country using a different name. Idiot? Definitely. Then there is a poor idiot who survives a suicide and still manages to get a job. Idiot? Confirmed. And the third is Farhan- burning with passion for photography buried under engineering books to fulfill parental dream. He represents the ideal Indian son, ready to sacrifice his dreams for his parents.
But 'Chatur' is the 4th hero here. The real 'hero' Chatur carves a success story. Abused and ridiculed by the idiots, he fits himself to his milieu, translate his weakness (ability to memorize) into strength, does no fraud (atleast they didn't show it in movie), makes no suicide attempt (a cowardly act IMO) and remains focussed. Yet we all laughed at him. For, there is a chatur in all of us, wanting to break free from system, be an IDIOT.

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